About Cosmic Maps

Everything is energy. Cosmic Maps is a travel blog that explores powerful energy centres that are concentrated with high vibrations; storehouses of energy where the intellect and ‘I’-individual ego takes a backseat and the consciousness makes a quantum leap.

May the Maps help you find the Force within.

Statutory warning for Truth seekers, hippies, monks and nature lovers: This blog contains addictive information and journeys to the energy centers may cause transcendental experiences. Kindly share the contents of the blog only with like-minded seekers. Keep away from photographers and religious fanatics.



4 thoughts on “About Cosmic Maps

  1. thank you for sharing your wisdom!
    this blog overflows with divine love & positive vibration!
    May you reach your destination!
    May your journey be wonderful!


  2. bhooom i read your stuff on mushrooms in kodai. have read many articles about mush in kodai but as a regular guest of mother nature,i specially feel soo great full that you in the end asks the readers to keep the article and the site secret and not to expose it to those people who wont deal with this,nicely. Thank you soo much and looking for this kind of great info.
    love from kerala


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