Arunachala: Holy mountain of cosmic vibrations along the spiritual axis of Earth

The first blog of Cosmic Maps would have been about one of the several energy centers nestled in the supremely energising Himalayas. But there is a lone hill in South India that is a Lingam-shapped mountain-powerhouse of spiritual energy: the holy Arunachala – the Mountain of knowledge and fire/light. ‘Aruna’, means ‘red, bright like fire’ which signifies Jnanagni; the Fire of Wisdom, and ‘achala’ signifies ‘hill’. Thus, Arunachala means ‘Hill of Fire of Wisdom’. The sacred hill, located in the temple town of Tiruvanamalai, is in the shape of a lingam thatmakes it the largest naturally-occurring lingam on the planet. Can you comprehend the spiritual vibrations emitted from a mountain-Shivling? The holy hill’s magnetic call to those on the path of awakening spread outwards in all directions to the multiverses in waves of glorious light. Such are the powerful vibrations emitted by the Hill.


The holy spiritual energy center of Arunachala

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